Anti Mobile Theft Platform.

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Mobile Theft Situation/ Mobile Stats

  • 250,000
    Handsets Stolen
    On average over 250,000 handsets are stolen each year and this number is growing.
  • 150
    Deaths Annually
    Street crime results in an average of 150 deaths annually
  • 141 Million
    Mobile Subscribers
    Pakistan has 141 million biometric Verified mobile subscribers
  • 100 Billion
    Losses to National Exchequer
    The smuggling of mobile phones has caused Rs. 100 billion of losses of national exchequer.

Verifapp Ecosystem

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Verifapp Benefits


Protect against theft and snatching of mobile phones, data protections and tracking

Law Enforcement and National Security

Reduced incidents of street crimes as most crimes involve mobile, Phones as primary targets , Deter terrorist and criminal activities that involve stolen/snatched, mobile phones, Historical view of all subscribers, device, and operator, Interrelationships on domestic network.

Mobile Operators

Increase in usage of 3G/4G services on the go, Increase in shifting from featured phones to smart phones, New revenue stream from service subscription by mobile, Subscribers, Protect domestic telecommunications network and strengthen, National security by monitoring and controlling the use of Unauthorized devices.


Enforce mobile equipment laws and regulations, Enforce mandatory device certification regimes

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